In 1997, the cities of Orinda, California, and Tabor, in the Czech Republic, honored the legacy conceived and initiated by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, by becoming "Sister Cities."  

The Sister City program encourages international friendship, communication and understanding between cultures.

And since its establishment, the Orinda/Tabor Sister City Foundation, along with Orinda Lions Club and Rotary International, has sent educators to Tabor to teach English, sponsored fellowships for physicians from Tabor, and has sponsored a Czech visiting student at Miramonte High School each fall semester for the past 16 years.

Board Of Directors

The Orinda/Tabor Sister City Foundation's Board of Directors is headed by Bobbie Landers, the President, and Slavka Ruzicka, the Vice President. Chandler Visher serves as the Treasurer and Maryett Thompson is the Board's Secretary.

The Board meets on the 4th Thursday of each month in the May Room of the Orinda Library Complex at 7:30pm. Everyone who wishes to attend the meetings is welcome!